Frequently Asked Questions

What is a comment period? Why don’t producers & importers just vote?

The goal of the comment period is for the USDA to hear how subject producers & importers would be affected by the order. A vote will be taken later. For now, the USDA needs to hear feedback about this draft of the proposed order they have prepared.

How much will this cost?

After much research, meetings and analysis, the USDA’s proposal is for fifteen cents per tree produced or imported. Those producing or importing less than 500 trees per year would not be subject to the assessment.

Why not a voluntary program?

Voluntary marketing efforts have had success in the Christmas tree industry; however the challenge has always been the ability to sustain funding. A program that provides fair, consistent funding for promoting farm grown Christmas trees is needed so that all producers and importers can benefit.

There will always be a small minority attempting to side step the system. Because this would be a Federal program, then those who are assessed are legally required to comply.